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Zumba will put the Zoom in Your Fitness Routine. ATA Leaership Martial Arts is super excited to offer Zumba! The newest, fast-paced, most exciting fitness craze.

You know all about aerobic exercise classes. You’ve seen the commercials for Sweating to the Oldies. You may have tried Jazzercise or stair-stepping, but you've never tried anything like Zumba.

Truly - What is Zumba?

Zumba is the brainchild of Colombian dancer, choreographer and personal trainer Alberto "Beto" Perez. He came up with the idea completely by accident in the when he forgot his exercise tapes for a class he was scheduled to teach. Rather than cancel the class, Beto used the Latin tapes that he listened to in his car. The up-tempo salsa and merengue music gave his exercise class a whole new feeling. Suddenly Beto had a party on his hands. His students were bopping and rocking out to the music. They were doing dance moves they would never do in an exercise class because dancing is more fun than exercising. They were working out harder, sweating more and having fun.

After his success in South America, Beto decided to take his program to the United States where it became an immediate sensation. The great workout combined with the dance music is a perfect fit for out-of-shape Americans needing to ramp up their workout routine.

How Does Zumba Work?

As seen on the Today Show!

The founders attribute Zumba’s success to its high intensity interval training technique that incorporates strength training and toning. Beto calls it the “Zumba Formula,” but you’ll call it awesome. Instead of dreading your trip to the gym and all the boring exercise machines you sweat over, wouldn’t it be nice to actually look forward to the party at the spa? The Zumba soundtrack is nothing but fun for everyone. At a typical Zumba workout, you’ll be gyrating to salsa, samba, hip-hop, mambo, merengue, salsa, calypso, swing and reggae music. The workout routines includes strength training, martial arts moves, lunges, squats, bicep curls, knee lifts and even belly dancing. The music varies from slow to fast so everybody can keep the pace. If you’re older or out of shape, don’t worry. There are special Zumba classes just for you. Nobody gets left out of the fun. Everybody can find the right fit from one of the seven levels of Zumba classes. As long as you get your backfield in motion you’ll benefit from the workout, and you'll have fun while you’re doing it.

Raberge's ATA Leadership Martial Arts Get with the program. Drop by Raberge's ATA Leadership Martial Arts or call 952-469-2522. Try a few Zumba classes. Soon you see the pounds melting off and your self-esteem soaring!

You'll feel better, look better and have a great time.


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