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"Tournament Week"

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville


We've got a couple of taekwondo tournaments in the area this week.

Twin Cities Regional Tournament:  This is one of the four regional tournaments in our region, It's one of the last regional tournaments of the season, so many competitors in the region (and the country) are jockeying for pointsExcel Lifeforce Martial Arts in Woodbury is the host of the tournament, and the tournament will take place in Woodbury.  We'll have a decent number of students in the tournament this weekend.  A couple of our students will be taking a midterm test this morning, and our higher-ranked black belts will compete this afternoon. Tomorrow, all color belts, first-degree black belts, and younger higher-ranked black belts will compete.  Some go for the competition; some go for the judging; but everyone goes to see their friends, have fun, and do their best.

Raberge's Warrior Challenge:  Next Saturday, on April 27, our academy will host an in-school tournament. This is open to students at only our school.  We will have a few nervous people partaking in their first tournament, and we always applaud them for having the courage to put on the line and show off what they've learned.  We try to keep the mood very light and help the students have fun.  Some of our students who started in these in-school tournaments have become state champions and have been a part of the ATA Tournament of Champions.

So let's wish good luck to everyone who'll compete this weekend and next weekend!