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"I resolve..."

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We mentioned in an earlier blog post that many of our students have made goals for themselves for 2013.  But why should we have all the fun?  What will you do to make yourself a better person in 2013?

Resolutions were discussed in a segment of the December 28, 2012, episode of National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation Science Friday ("Making Resolutions That Stick").  Some of the helpful items mentioned:

  • Your being realistic in your resolution and expectations will give you a greater chance of success.
  • Remember that these resolutions are lifestyle changes.  It's not as easy as one's switching brands of milk.
  • Seek social support. Make public your resolutions.  If people who care about you know about your struggle, they're more likely to help you.
  • Inspiration might get you started but won't keep you going.  Use what motivates you to get past the initial inspiration stage.
  • Keep it simple: Making one or two (related) resolutions increase your chances for success.
  • If you make a mistake, don't let it derail you.  Most people will slip up.  The successful resolver doesn't let it stop them.
  • It's a marathon, not a dash. If you keep moving toward your goal, you will reach it. If not this year, maybe you can have made great progress on it and reach your goal next year.  Even the runner who takes 8 hours to finish a marathon still finished the marathon.

We at ATA Leadership Martial Arts hope you have a happy and safe New Year's Eve!  We hope you do what you can to make your 2013 better than your 2012!