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ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

The eleven ATA taekwondo students from our school returned from Black Belt Camp late last night.  Everyone was tired, sore, and full of new knowledge.  We were part of 177 of the region's martial artists at camp along with 24 masters, senior masters, chief masters, and masters candidates.  It was the first camp for about half our students, and all of them said they'd do it again.

The masters worked us students hard while teaching us sparring, leadership, and our forms and how to be better students, better instructors, and better people.  We're all eager to use the new marital arts skills and techniques we learned this weekend in our classes.

So it's a good sore.  And we'll gladly do it again. 



Camping with Black Belts

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

Today and tomorrow a couple hundred of the region's instructors will be at Black Belt Instructor Camp.  At this annual camp, we will learn how to be better taekwondo and martial arts instructors and students.  The region's masters will lead us in exercises and seminars for new teaching techniques and new skill for our students.  To many black belts, this is the one regional event that they ensure they attend each year.

We don't actually camp; we take over Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp for the weekend and avail ourselves of their dorms and facilities.  It's an annual tradition going back more than a quarter century.



Tourney Day!

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

In about 40 minutes, we'll be kicking off our latest in-school tournament.  Kids and adults will be putting their marital arts skills on the line to see where they rank today in competition.  Not everyone will win, but we hope everyone has a good time and will find something that they can use to make themselves better.

Good luck to all the competitors!



Winter Graduation 2014

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

At our Winter 2014 color belt graduation, we will have our largest-ever group of students: 156 157.  We are so proud at how well our students are progressing in their taekwondo and martial arts training!  If you'd like to see us, we'll be at Boeckman Middle School in Farmington, MN.

Good luck and good skills to all our graduating students!



Achievement unlocked: 2014 Sioux City Tournament

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

This weekend, nearly a dozen of our martial arts students participated in the Sioux City Regional Tournament.  While not everyone got first place in their respective events, everyone had a good time competing with their respective bests, visiting friends, and watching the other competitors.  Congrats to everyone!

Before we left, we fell en masse to the nearest Perkins for a very late lunch or early dinner.  We have proof: (Facebook access required to see picture):

Raberge's ATA after the 2014 Sioux Falls Regional Tournament



Classes tonight (Jan. 6) are ON! --> UPDATE!

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

Cooped up inside with the kids?  (Kids: Cooped up all day with the parents?)  Come and work off some of that energy!

We will be open for taekwondo classes as usual on Monday, January 6.  Come on in for a good martial arts workout!  Let's frost up the windows!

UPDATE: We will also be open for classes on Tuesday, January 7, too.



One Hundred Twenty-Seven Pounds

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

During our holiday sale before Thanksgiving 2013, we asked shoppers (students of our academy) to bring in food to donate to the local food shelf.  Thanks to the generosity of our taekwondo families, we were able to give 127 pounds of nonperishable food to help those in need.  We're very proud of our families and their generosity during the holidays!



Happy New Year!

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

ATA Leadership  Martial Arts and our students and families wish everyone a happy, fun, exciting, wonderful 2014!  May you have the strength and perseverance to meet all your goals for the year!

To our students: A new schedule starts on January 2, when classes resume.  Your class time has probably changed.



Goals for the New Year

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

Students at ATA Leadership Martial Arts are setting our goals for the year. We are making two relevant goals each for

  • our personal life
  • our martial arts, and
  • our school or job.

These goals should be something that can be measured.  "Get better at martial arts" is nice, but how much better?  Earn your brown belt?  Have a perfect side kick?  Compete in a tournament?  Be specific, and make the goals a little beyond what you think you can easily do.

We're using this to write them down.  (You're more likely to remember them if you write them down.)  Our students will keep one copy for themselves to remind them,, and they'll give one copy to Mr. Raberge.  (You're more likely to acheive your goals if you tell someone else.)  We'll check back on our students later in the year to see how they're coming along.

Let's make 2014 the year when we really move ahead!