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Busy February behind us

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

Well, that certainly was a blast!  Let's look back at a couple of last month's events:

Black Belt camp last weekend was fun and informative, as always.  A couple students - one was a color belt! - of ours attended for the first time.  They said that it was a great experience.

Color Belt Graduation featured more than 160 students advancing toward their black belt goals.  For some, they're just starting on this taekwondo journey.  For others, they're nearly there, and the new first-degree (recommended) black belts will be testing in March.

The competitors in the inschool tournament had a ball!  Sure, some competitors were nervous, but they worked through it and did better than they thought they would!




Busy February coming up

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

First: Did you make your new year's goals?

Second: For it's being the dead of winter, it's going to be busy this month.  It's already been busy!  We've got the usual set of classes, of course, but we've got lots of other events happening:

  • February 6: Commitment workout for our first-degree black belt (recommended) students
  • February 7: Level 1 instructor certification. Some of our students took the first step toward their becoming fully-certified instructors.
  • February 13: Color belt graduation.  All our students will show off to their friends, family, and fellow students what they've learned in the past three months, and really, since they've started their martial arts training.
  • February 14, morning: In-school tournament.  Putting their knowledge on the line will be many students from our school. It's always fun and exciting!  The competitors are nervous, but they push through their fear, coming out on the other side smiling!
  • February 14, evening: Parents Night Out with glow-in-the-dark nunchucks!
  • February 20-21: All our instructors (even some of our new level 1 instructors) will be at regional black belt camp.  There, they will mingle and learn with other instructors across the region, including the region's masters.  It's 24 hours of workouts, camaraderie, learning, and fun!  Oh, and some sleep.  Maybe.

And if you look into March, you'll see black belt testing on March 6.  We'll have a special guest judge - Master Blomquist from Fusion Martial Arts - and students from Mr. Ginther's ATA school in Hastings.  It's sure to be a blast!

If any of these things intrigue you, visit our website or give us a call!



A handful of new black belts

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

We've got five students who will begin their real training as fresh new black belts.  It was great to see the result of three years of hard work, perseverance, integrity, commitment to test.  Congratulations to all of them!



A busy weekend

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

We had a couple of big events this weekend.

On Friday, we had another in our quarterly color belt graduations.  More than 170 students (another record!) demonstrated their forms, weapons use, board breaks, and self defense.  It was awesome to see so many students working their way toward their respective black belts!

And then today (Saturday) was another edition of Raberge's Warrior Challenge.  Nearly 50 of our students put their forms, weapons, and sparring on the line for fabulous prizes.  For some, it was their first competition.  For others, this is their thing.  There were some surprises, but a lot of fun.



A score of black belts

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

On Friday, twenty of our students tested for and midtermed toward their next rank of black belt.  Twelve of those students earned the rank of first degree black belt (decided), and two became a second-degree black belt (decided).  The rest passed the next milestone of their journey to second or third degree.  It was one of our biggest testings!

Congratulations to everyone for a successful attempt at the next step toward their martial arts goals!



Two new fourths

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

Congratulations go to Chris Raberge and Trevor Raberge!  Yesterday, they found out that they had both passed their tests (on their first attempts!)  to earn their respective fourth-degree black belts!  For both of these martial arts students, this has been a journey that has taken more than a decade.

But they're not done yet!  Their new goal is to become fifth-degree black belts in 2019 and to continue to improve themselves as people, instructors, and as taekwondo students.

Wish them congratuations if you see them.  This is a big deal for them!



Ready for the World (Expo)!

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

The annual end and start to the next touranment year is this week at the World Expo at ATA headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas.  We'll have a pretty good contingent going there this year.

  • Mr. Raberge will be learning how to be an even better instructor and school owner.
  • Two other student instructors will be taking their first test to become fourth-degree black belts.
  • One student will vie for a world championship in sparring and combat (weapon) sparring.
  • At least two students will compete at the World Tournament, which starts the 2014-15 tournament year.

We hope everyone from our school at the World Expo will do their best and have a safe trip down and back.



Don't slip!

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

We at Raberge's ATA Leadership Martial Arts understand that summer can be a time to relax, to ease off the schedules of school, to take it easy, to go on vacation.  But that doesn't mean you should slack off of your martial arts training.

Despite school's being out, we are still running our Honor Stripes program.  At our next color belt graduation ceremony on August 7, we will invite the top honor students - determined by the number of honor stripes on their belts - to a party to which they can also bring friends.  In the past, we've had parties that have had pizza and ice cream!

We also know that lots of TV gets watched during the summer, especially on those rainy days that we've seem to have had a lot of this year.  But that's a great opportunity to build muscle memory for stances!  Here's one way:

  • When an advertisement comes on, get into a stance.  It doesn't matter which one: front, middle, back, rear.  But whatever you choose, make it your best one of those stances ever.  Hold that deep stance for the entire length of the commercial.  Don't rise up during the stance!
  • When the advertisement changes, switch into a different stance, or the same stance with the other foot in front (middle stance: face the other way).  Make it look perfect!  Hold that for the length of that commercial.  Make it a deep stance!
  • Keep doing this during all the advertisements during a commerical break.
  • During the next break, go through the stances again.  Help out your brother or sister (or parents)!  Work together and everyone gets better!

And don't forget, we don't take the summer off.  We'll still have classes, including a 10:00 a.m. Thursday workout class (except on July 10).  If your ball game is rained out, come to class!



That next step for the Black Belts

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

Tonight will be our summer Black Belt testing.   There will be eight students who will test to earn their first-degree (decided) black belt and one student testing for her second degree (recommended) belt.  We'll also have about a half-dozen students taking their required midterm test as progress toward their next rank test.

Our special guest tonight will be Mr. Mike Ginther, owner and chief instructor at the Hastings Academy of Martial Arts in Hastings, Minnesota.