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Winter Camp has never been hotter

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

We're in the middle of our annual two-day Winter Camp. 

Yesterday was "Forms Day."  Students got intensive instruction on the forms with which they are training: Songahm 3 for White, Orange, and Yellow belts;  In Wha 1 for Camouflage, Green, and Blue belts; In Wha 2 for Blue, Brown, and Red belts.  Black belts also received pointers and tips to sharpen up their forms.  Groups were created for skits, and in those groups, skits were created.

Today we are focusing on weapons.  At the end of the camp today, we will entertain ourselves with the completed skits and possibly congratulate some students who will have graduated to a new belt.  Everyone is having a great time and getting a good workout.