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They did their best ...

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

... and our academy has three new third-degree Black Belts!

The Bovitz family passed their rank test at the Sioux Falls Regional Tournament last Friday.  They showed off their "stuff" by performing their tradtiional form, showing excellent sparring skills, and breaking all three of their boards!  Sure, they were nervous, but because they worked hard during the past two years (and more so in the last few months), they were fairly confident.  For at least one of them, it was the best that he had ever done his form, and it looked nearly flawless.  Credit should also go to the excellent teaching skills of Mr. Raberge and Ms. Kisch, too. (By the way, Mr. Raberge will test to advance to fifth degree black belt in July.)

If you see the Bovitzes at school or around town, be sure to congratulate them  This is a Big Deal, and they are all proud of their accomplishment.