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The instructors become the students

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Some of us instructors are heading to Region 114 Black Belt Instructor Camp today at Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp near Milford, Iowa.  Starting this evening, we will spend the next 24 hours learning from the best instructors in the region.  We expect to get a good physical workout and a mental workout, too, as we learn and improve teaching techniques to pass on to their students at their respective schools.  We'll also get to work to improve ourselves as taekwondo students.  Each camp is different in the themes and techniques presented, but it's the same in that we see the same people that we enjoy seeing every year.

And it's not just instructors:  Anyone who's enrolled in the instructor trainee program (i.e., their uniform has a red collar) and is at least 13 years old is eligible to come.  And, of course, all black belt students are invited, too.

When we return late Saturday, we'll be tired and sore, but it'll be a good tired and sore.