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Testing for Color Belts, Training for Black Belts

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Our Color Belts are training hard this week and next for their upcoming graduation next week on February 21.  The beginner, intermediate, and advanced color belt students been sharpening their skills for Songahm 3, In Wha 1, and In Wha 2, respectively, and we instructors are looking forward to seeing how their martial arts techniques and power have improved over the past three months.  Beginner students will also show off their performances of the first Songahm 3 one-step, and our leadership students will present what they've learned about the ssahng jeol bong, self-defense, and breaking boards with a round kick.

Coincidentally, the next day starts our region's two-day instructor/black belt camp at Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp near Sprirt Lake, Iowa.  One hundred fifty to 200 of our region's black belt students - including the high-ranked instructor-students in the region - will be telling us about the latest in the ATA and show us a lot of training and teaching techniques.  It's our chief instructor's favorite ATA event of the year, and other instructors at our academy enjoy being there, too.