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Pennies and positivity

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

During January, we've been focusing on positive thinking and actions.  There are two parts to this that we've been talking about in our classes:

"Garbage-dump thinking":  These are negative thoughts and words that come from within you and from others.  They limit your growth:  What grows in a garbage dump?  Just as you don't want garbage dumped at your feet and into your mind, don't dump garbage at others.

Positive words: People generally are quick to criticize, and there is a place and time for that.  But it's still criticism, even if it's meant in a good way.  Genuine, positive words spoken by you to someone about them can also help by letting them know directly from you how much they mean to you.  Examples of this can be (but, of course, aren't limited to) statements such as these:  "I'm glad you were in class today! It was very enjoyable to practice with you today." or "Your front kicks looked really sharp!  You seem to be catching on nicely!" or "Your great attidute today helped perk me up." But just saying the words to say the words isn't good enough.  You need to mean it and show you mean it, and that also means not saying it and expecting something in return.  Your kind words might be the only nice things that person had heard about themselves all day.

In the school, at the desk is a red cup with pennies in it and a clear jar with pennies.  We're asking our students that when someone tells them something kind or good about them to move a penny from the red cup into the clear jar.  When the jar fills up, we will celebrate with pizza party.  Let's make that party come sooner than later!