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How to become a VIP

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This was recently sent out by Mr. Raberge, our chief instructor and school owner to our students and parents:

Top 10 Ways Parents Can Help Their Child Become an “A - Rated” Black Belt Champion

  1. Keep them on a regular schedule and have them make up missed classes.
  2. Encourage your child to learn and follow our dojang protocol and practice their martial arts manners.
  3. Observe their classes as often as they can.  Always praise even slight progress.
  4. Understand that any and all progress helps to keep their child's interest level high.
  5. Always support our instructor’s decisions regarding tips and belt promotions. He will always be acting in your child’s best interest.
  6. Be optimistic and encouraging even if your child shows temporary signs of frustration or boredom.
  7. Keep frequent communications with our instructors over your child’s progress in and out of the dojang.
  8. Attend special events such as our color belt graduations and our black belt testings. These events are extremely motivational for everyone.
  9. Take time to learn the student creed along with your child and help them better understand our weekly and monthly messages. We teach many valuable life skills.
  10. Be a V.I.P., also known as a very involved parent!