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Don't slip!

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We at Raberge's ATA Leadership Martial Arts understand that summer can be a time to relax, to ease off the schedules of school, to take it easy, to go on vacation.  But that doesn't mean you should slack off of your martial arts training.

Despite school's being out, we are still running our Honor Stripes program.  At our next color belt graduation ceremony on August 7, we will invite the top honor students - determined by the number of honor stripes on their belts - to a party to which they can also bring friends.  In the past, we've had parties that have had pizza and ice cream!

We also know that lots of TV gets watched during the summer, especially on those rainy days that we've seem to have had a lot of this year.  But that's a great opportunity to build muscle memory for stances!  Here's one way:

  • When an advertisement comes on, get into a stance.  It doesn't matter which one: front, middle, back, rear.  But whatever you choose, make it your best one of those stances ever.  Hold that deep stance for the entire length of the commercial.  Don't rise up during the stance!
  • When the advertisement changes, switch into a different stance, or the same stance with the other foot in front (middle stance: face the other way).  Make it look perfect!  Hold that for the length of that commercial.  Make it a deep stance!
  • Keep doing this during all the advertisements during a commerical break.
  • During the next break, go through the stances again.  Help out your brother or sister (or parents)!  Work together and everyone gets better!

And don't forget, we don't take the summer off.  We'll still have classes, including a 10:00 a.m. Thursday workout class (except on July 10).  If your ball game is rained out, come to class!