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Big Things in Little Rock

ATA Martial Arts & Kids Karate of Lakeville

This week is the ATA World Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas.  This annual event combines a tournament of champions, business sessions, educational seminars, high-rank testing, an open tournament, and more pomp and circumstance than you can shake a bahng mahng ee at.

We'll have a relatively large contingent from our academy going to this event.  Among them, our chief instructor, Mr. Raberge, will test for his fifth-degree black belt.  He has been working toward this moment for more than four years.  There is no guarantee he will pass his test this week, but he will do his best, and he feels ready.

One of our students will be competing in the Tournament of Champions in traditional weapons and traditional sparring.  He earned this by his winning these events at the first-ever North District tournament in June.

Some of our other students will compete in the World Tournament.  This is like a regular tournament, but there will be many more competitors, and, as such, a win (or second or third) earns a compeitor many more points and is a great way to start off the tournament year.

And some of our students and families will be in Little Rock to watch their fellow students compete (and to see Mr. Raberge test) and to take in the experience and atmosphere of the ATA World Expo this week.